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We named ourselves after the word Lāt in Persian literature in which it refers to an individual who is classified as a member of a creed that used to fight against unfairness and inequality long before creators of robin hood were even born in the west. Lāts and their belief come from an ancient cult called “Ayyaran” that was originated during the reign of Darius the first (522 BCE) in the Achaemenid Empire in ancient Persia.

They named themselves after Ariya Khān Ayyar who played a significant role towards the establishment of the community aimed to preserve an ideology that was based on justice, unity, equality and protection of the poor against the rich. It was then perfectly blended with the Persian culture and preserved the mutual values for thousands of years and was even praised by the majority of Persian poets such as Hafiz, Rumi and Attar.

However, continuous flouts of the Ayyaran’s legacy during the sovereignty of Qajar dynasty (1789-1925) led to the reformation of the ancient creed under the name of Lāts. They raised to defend against injustice, systematic corruption, discrimination and oppression through massive anti-government operations.

Lāts were soon deemed to be classified as rebels with involvement in illegal and villainous activities as part of government’s propaganda to tarnish their reputation under the eyes of the public that was considered to be the primary power source of the entire movements. All major crimes were then linked to Lāts, and the meaning of this word was officially changed to villain forever.

Decades gone, years passed, and this community is still suffering to this date. Thieves and bullies are still classified as Lāts, and it still translates to villain in modern Persian literature. Most People on the street though, still remember the good old community that once upon a time played the real-life robin hood.

Here we are today, seeing ourselves in the exact same situation that Lāts saw themselves back in Qajar dynasty. They decided to fight against everything that was damaging the Persian culture, and we are here to fight against the international press, what we think has been destroying the image and reputation of one of the oldest and most vibrant cultures history has ever seen.

We picked a new English notation for Lāti to reflect the nature of our business and also to give it a more modern look. So we replaced “ti” with “tee” from T-shirt and created LāTEE.

We currently offer four separate collections run by separate sub-teams within our design department.

The Essence of Persia is almost the core collection of LaTEE as the reason behind having it comes from our deep appreciation to one of the most vibrant civilisations and cultures history has ever seen. We aim to promote the Persian Culture through showcasing poetry, miniature, textile and tiling on our designs.

The Slogans –
Recalling the logic behind our name, we are here to fight against anything that is damaging the society we live in. Not all fights require a weapon to bring victory. We help people fight for their values with what they wear. Environmentalists, Feminists, Freedom fighters, Pacifism and LGBT Community members are all fighters with values worth dying for.

The Trendies –
Even though this collection is not yet fully established, we aim to roll out designs that are firstly backed by creativity and secondly worth paying hard-earned money for.

The Originals –
This collection is solely focusing on our label and brand and helps us with our brand establishment journey. We tend to give extra perks and rewards to those who help us establish our label.

Our design dept is the primary side of our quality triangle. We have been working hard to establish a well-diversified design team consisting of individuals from different parts of the world with diverse cultural backgrounds in order to add that universal feel to all of our end products.

Even though collections are running by separate sub-teams within the design dept, the final verdict depends on the overall crew consensus.

With cotton being the primary building block of the garments we use to host our designs, we have teamed up with reputable suppliers with high-quality blends to prevent any possible incompatibility with the printing method we currently have in place.

Additionally, our sustainability and ethical codes require us to source eco-friendly and ethically made supplies. (Check sustainability section for more info)

Out of the known printing techniques such as screenprinting, heat-press and direct to garment, we have decided to take full advantage of direct to garment (also known as DTG) method, in which the paint is directly printed on the garment, for the following reasons:

We manage to pull much higher resolution out of DTG and gain access to a much broader colour spectrum allowing us to have our designs printed with more vibrant colours and more in-depth details. Besides, this method is known to be very cost-effective, allowing us to maintain our margins while keeping our prices reasonable.

In the contemporary fast-moving business era, businesses are held responsible for the effects of their operations on the environment and people who are directly or indirectly related to their actions.

Leaving the compliance with the compulsory practices imposed by the local authorities alone, we have taken our sustainability policies further and employed additional measures that are not required by law but will make LaTEE a more sustainable and loving brand.

– For the people:
Garments that we use are sourced from reputable and reliable suppliers following our corporate code of ethics regarding fairtrade and mainly its focus towards fighting against unethical manufacturing and child-labour. Moreover, we have ensured that both hygiene and motivational factors are continuously maintained across our own and partnering facilities to keep LaTEE and its supply chain as Lāt as possible.

– For the environment:
Additionally, as part of our CSR policy, we only use eco-friendly fabrics and inks. We believe maintaining the healthy estate of environment outweighs any forms of financial gains. As a result, non-eco-friendly supplies are not welcomed to any of our own or partnering facilities even though they tend to have higher profit margins.

Our supply chain ensures that what you will be wearing is eco-friendly and ethically manufactured, transported, printed and shipped out to you. Trades or partnerships will be immediately fortified upon the clearance of non-ethical and non-eco-friendly behaviour towards the delivery of any products or materials of any kinds.

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Collaborations & Partnerships

The importance and the power of community is something that cannot be measured by any financial means. If you find yourself in the same boat as us (outlined in our about us section) and think you can help us towards expanding our family, we are always open for collaborations and partnerships as long as we see ourselves fit.

  • We can form joint collections
  • Roll social media campaigns
  • Sponsor your social media events/challenges
  • etc.

Please write us an email at collaborations@lateestore.com, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.