Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQ accordion has been created to answer most if not all of your questions. We aim to have everything as clear, smooth and straightforward as possible for richer user experience. Do get in touch with us if you feel something is not as clear as it should, is missing or requires further explanations and we will be all over it.

You can always initiate a live-chat with ur or use one of our other communications channels found [Here] for afterhours.

The ETAs (Estimated time of arrival) outlined during the checkout process is only for shipping part of the work and does not include processing time. We require an additional four days for what concerns the fulfilment, aka picking-printing-packing, of your order.

*COVID-19 has significantly extended both fulfillments and shipping times. Please check out our newswire for the latest info.

There will be a tracking code embedded to the shipping notification email that you will receive once the order is fulfilled and registered for shipping. Then you can simply click/tap on the tracking number to visit the carrier order status page.

Get in touch with our support team if you think your order has not arrived at the intended time. Please take fulfilment period into account if you have not already. Check Question 1 if you are not sure about how our system works.

*COVID-19 has significantly extended both fulfillments and shipping times. Please check out our newswire for the latest info.

We deliberately put all orders on an 8-hour hold to leave enough time for our users to make any needed changes or to cancel the order entirely. Fulfilment will automatically start once the 8-hr safety limit expires.

  • Delivery info will be the only editable part of the order once the safety limit expires

Nothing to worry about! We put all orders on a deliberate 8hr hold, just contact us and ask for cancellation and we will take it from there. You can always initiate a live chat with us or use one of our many communications channels to let us know about your order misplacement.

  • Please keep in mind that we may be unable to proceed with the cancellation after the expiration of our 8-hr safety measure.

Yes, you absolutely can! Just Fill in the form on our custom order page [Here] to initiate your order.

You can ask us to:
– custom configure an existing design/product
– custom configure or reprint a discontinued design/product
– come up with a custom and fully personalised design according to your requirements

We currently have no return or exchange policies due to the way our supply chain is designed. We are working on it to make both returns and exchanges possible in the foreseeable future.

Just let us know about the issue and we will investigate this for you as fast as we possibly can. The returning product must be unworn and unwashed in order to qualify for return/exchange.

Yes, we actually do! Check out our affiliation page by following to sign up today!

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express through Stripe Payment gateway.

It is worth mentioning that the entire payment process is carried out by Stripe itself with AES-256 encryption standard. We have zero interventions within the process; thus, no payment info is ever stored on our servers.

Payment section and the contained info for registered users are also held with Stripe with guaranteed security measures which are integrated to our user area for smoother checkout process. No payment info is held on any of our servers.

Our regular debit/credit card transactions are processed by Stripe with AES-256 encryption standard.

– It is important to mention that we have no intervention within the process and therefore, do not store any payment info on our servers.
– Saved payment details for frequent/registered users are kept with the payment gateway with integration to our user registration/management mechanism to give a smoother checkout experience for our customers.