Privacy Policy

1. What Information we collect: (The right to be informed)
So that we can accept and ship your order(s), you may be asked to provide us with your full name, address, phone number alongside with your email address. While LaTEE tends to use this information to process the order and push update notifications regarding the orders, Shipping Companies may require those pieces of information to be passed on for obvious reasons.

Additionally, we are proud to announce that our entire payment process is taken care of by 2 of the most reputable companies called “Paypal” and “Stripe” with bank-level security. It is important to mention that LaTEE has no interventions within the process and hereby stores none of your payment data on its servers. Rest assured that your payment info will be encrypted and processed with a distinctive level of security provided by our payment terminal providers.

2. How we store your information: (The right to be informed)
The information you submit via (non-financial) will directly be sent to our main servers located in the United Kingdom as well as our service providers’ servers that may be located outside the EEA. Rest assured that none of the provided information will be shared with third-party companies for the exchange of money or any other financial means.

3. How your information is used: (The right to be informed)
We tend to use the provided information via only for fulfilment process, shipping and order updates unless stated otherwise.

4. When we may contact you:
While you are always welcome to get in touch and let us know about your concerns, we will only contact you if we require further information regarding your order or push notifications concerning your order status. Custom orders submitted by you may result in further communications between you and us as they may require more clarifications, reviews, etc.

5. Will I be contacted for marketing purposes: (The right to restrict processing)
You will only be listed in our marketing campaigns and hence receive marketing emails if you either sign up for our newsletter found on the footer or check out page of our website. It is important to mention that email marketing is not pre-selected by default and will only be activated once selected by users at the checkout. We will never email you or call you if you have not subscribed to the service and allowed us to do so. We have no telemarketing and will take legal action against anyone that may attempt to undertake such actions on behalf of us.

6. Offensive or inappropriate content:
We reserve the right to use personal information in the event when users send offensive, inappropriate, objectionable contents, messages or engage in any disruptive behaviour with any individuals from our side to stop such behaviours that may be executed through temporary/permanent bans from our website.

7. Users aged 16 or under:
We require individuals aged 16 or under to ask for their guardians’ permission before providing personal information on our website. We tend to forcefully remove the submitted information or ask for age verification in suspicious cases. Additionally, some of the designs may include unsuitable contents for underaged users that will also require parental permissions to be viewed or purchased.

8. Keep our records accurate: (The right to rectification)
Just like any other business entity, we aim to hold accurate information about our customers that will either be used for more efficient order fulfilment and deliveries or marketing campaigns, if allowed by the user, of course. Therefore we heavily depend on our users to update their personal information that can be done through ticket submission on our website.

10. Limitation of liability: may contain links and redirections to other websites where privacy policy may differ from what you see here. We hold no responsibility for the privacy policy of any other websites apart from We advise you to check other websites’ privacy policy section before attempting to submit any personal pieces of information on them.

11. How long will we keep your personal information? (The right to erasure)
For what concerns the running of our returning customers’ member area, newsletter subscribers and those who opted in our marketing campaigns, we would like to have you onboard forever. Still, you certainly have the right to ask for immediate removal (i.e. ask to be forgotten) from our entire database at any time.

12. Can I find out what personal information We hold? (The right to access)
You can always get in touch with any means of communication found on our website to ask for a copy of the information we hold from you. We will provide you with the required information within 24 hours of your request submission

13. Updates:
We reserve the right to update our privacy policy and terms of use from time to time.

14. Cookies:
Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the visitor’s browser; these small pieces typically work in favour of the settings users have selected and/or the actions they have taken on a website. Our service providers tend to use cookies for some important reasons, such as:

– To provide a smooth experience for our visitors and customers.
– To identify registered/returning/subscribed users.
– To monitor and analyse the performance, operation and effectiveness of our service providers on our website.
– To ensure that our website and the platform(s) we are operating on is secure and safe to use.

15. Security:
Due to the nature and vulnerabilities of the internet, we cannot guarantee the protection of your personal information, and we cannot be held responsible for any outcomes that may or may not result from a breach of security when the site is used. We believe in our security, and we assure you that your data security will always be our top priority.

For what concerns the security of our payment terminals, we are proud to announce that “PayPal” and “Stripe” will take care of our entire transaction process with bank-level security. Since LaTEE has no interventions within the process, none of your payment details is stored on our website nor our servers. Rest assured that all of your payment information will be encrypted and processed thanks to our payment terminal service providers safely.

Our international operation requires us to also comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR2016/679) to operate within the borders of the EU/EEA. Therefore, our privacy policy has been specifically established to include all the applicable GDPR rights required by the European authorities as well as all other rights that other governments might require world-wide.

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at