Who would have ever thought, that Sheffield would be the city I would call home. That’s where my inspiration for this EP came from. I’ve learned all a child can learn from this town of mine.

Studying Music in a city, known for its diverse music scene, helped me produce this collection of songs. In the same city that had grown from its mostly industrial roots to encompass a wider base, I’ve learned to use the best of every opportunity this place has given me.

I found Love, Pain and Despair in this city. I experienced the misery of separation and the beauty of roughness. When anxiety and depression were about to break me, making these songs helped me express myself and put an end to those sufferings.

Support independent artists. Do not download, listen or redistribute unauthorised copies. Always use legitimate music streaming services that your favourite artists post onto and keep the ball rollin’.

– Reza Pahlevani

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